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Dec 25, 2012 11:00pm EST
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Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
50,000 copies of this were released for knot america. >> shelves and stacks and more stacks and another room, some guy from china just plays some buys. >> he wanted some of the rare american games. >> now he has out groan his house and is moving to a store front across the street. >> it's a piece of culture. this is a big part of what america is right now. >> so from the spare to the dining room to the den to back outside where you name the game business burns rightly. >> i couldn't have imagined we would be able to do this. >> brian's company is called you name the game and you can find them online and facebook. we how old love to chat about hard to find video games he has. >> that's impressive. well, the radio will not sound the same tomorrow morning on mix 106. something will be missing. that is jojo. his contract would not be reknewed. he has been with them for 18 years. >> he is going the be missed, but he will have no problems getting a job. he buzz great for this town. what a great business huh? >> you going to be here tomorrow? [laughter] >> just one minute, we will
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
to america. but with the law signed this morning, there's not much hope for that or for any other future children to be adopted by american families. >>> he was a famous face with the ravens and this weekend we'll see coach chuck pugoneo back on the sidelines. >> it was just about the halloween decorations, but there was a real tale of horrors inside. >> after days of talking about a potentially snowy saturday, a winter storm now walking on the door of western maryland. we'll talk about who gets how much after the break. >>> neighbor of a man who ambushed ask killed firefighters on christmas evening has been arrested. he was accused of buying guns for william spangler. officials say she knew he was not supposed to have the guns because he was a felon. >>> a strike has been averted now between shoreman on the gulf. both sides agreed to contract extension until january 28th. without the extension dock workers from boston to texas could have gone on strike on saturday at midnight. >>> a federal judge has given preliminary approval to a billion dollar class action settlement against toyota m
Dec 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
curley abc news the white house. >>> more on good morning america tomorrow morning 579:00 live from -- at 7:00 live from washington. >>> now the back lack from the royal prank a phone call made from djs where kate middleton was staying. >> and the nurse who took her life. we have a report the djs could face criminal investigation. >> reporter: it was a bad joke that took a tragic turn. and now the two australian djs at the center of that infamous phoney phone call. >> hello, there. could i please speak to kate mygranddaughter. >> reporter: may have to face questioning from australian police. did they break the law by recording and broadcasting what was a private conversation when they got through to the london hospital room where kate middleton was being treated for severe morning sickness? >> i want to see how her tummy bug is going. >> she is sleeping at moment. >> reporter: the station boss has come to their defense. >> we are confidence we have not done anything illegal call was found dead in an apparent suicide, the global backlash goes on. threats and calls for their arrests h
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
one of america's favorite restaurant. is it perfect for the guy or gal that you're looking for this year. >>> we have a bitter custody battle playing out over a girl who was adopted and her bilogical father who never knew she existed. >> in this case everybody is trying to do what's the best thing for the baby. >> reporter: on one side the girl's bilogical father, on the other her adoptive parents. terry h.hann is a staff sergeant. two years ago while he was stationed in south carolina his now ex-wife was giving birth in utah. h.hann says he had no clue. he never knew he was going to be a father or that his baby was put up for adoption. >> he has a right to be with his daughter and that has been taken away. >> reporter: they could never reach him for his consent. >> he knew i was pregnant. he left while i was showing. i was seven months pregnant. and i left him. >> reporter: jared and christie fry is being asked to give the baby back to h.hann within 10 days. but they're not guilty giving in -- but they're not giving in. they believe that the court made an error and they wi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5